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Baylites Specialties and Features

Our business is providing beauty and value to your home through providing quality landscape lighting fixtures. Highlighting the focal points of your home creates a statement about you while keeping your family safe through lighting. Professional outdoor lighting creates beautiful outside rooms, increasing your living space both shown and hidden. We enhance the natural beauty of your property by: highlighting your beautiful home, landscaped islands, waterscapes, walkways, piers and docks while keeping you and your family safe and secure. Beautiful outside lighting displays your appreciation of your home and the surrounding natural world.

Baylites - outdoor landscape lighting - pond and waterfall

Dock and Pier Lighting

Among our specialties is the lighting of water features and docks. If you have a pier or dock, our new super bright, LED underwater lights can be attached to your dock or within the water. These lights are 2x brighter than the standard lights on the market today and create a year round aquarium for your family and friends to enjoy. Yes, there are critters in the water all year long. You will love sharing this underwater world with your children and grandchildren.

Baylites - outdoor landscape lighting - underwater lighting equipment

In warmer months, underwater lighting will attract large game, fish, crabs, shrimp and others to within inches of your dock. Viewing lights attached underneath your dock from your home is absolutely beautiful. Wind blowing and flowing waves create a lovely effect on the water at night.

Baylites - outdoor landscape lighting - dock light equipment

Our LED underwater dock lights operates with a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) receptacle or a car/boat battery for operation remotely. These lights are just beautiful and can be adjusted for various levels of depths water creating more or less light from below. Just plug and in and enjoy, they come with a 25/50 foot cord and timer. One year warranty, easily cleaned and maintained. These lights can be used for ponds, lakes, rivers, or bays just fun all year long. The black items you are seeing in the moving pictures are small fish, crabs, shrimp etc. Just think how exciting seeing larger fish would be. LED lighting can also be installed on top of your dock and pier providing safety and security while enjoying your water world at night. LED dock lights will provide soft quiet lighting while ensuring all are safe while walking at night. These dock lights can be equipped with automatic timers that you also can manually turn on and off.


Up Lighting

Baylites - outdoor landscape lighting - tree up lighting Another wonderful feature of outside lighting is “up lighting”. Lighting fixtures are hidden within your landscaping, highlighting multicolored limbs and leaves, creating shadows of the larger branches and towering trees. When there is no moon, lighting shining down from a tree to the ground gives the illusion of a full moon. Highlighting the focal points of your home and walkway creates an entrance statement about you and your home, while providing safety and security.

Going Green With Cost-Effective LED Lighting

Baylites prides itself on using LED lighting as part of our plans, whenever appropriate. These alternatives to traditional bulbs can provide significant savings due to their longer life and reduced electricity requirements. Most of the LED bulbs used by our three manufactures have a lifespan of 38,000-42,000 hours, or 7 year to lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. The cost of LED bulbs have drastically been reduced in the last 10 years. Not to mention, not having to replace them as often, if ever, is a significant savings in both time and money. This is especially true for large lighting projects.  The initial costs of LED bulbs will be offset with years and years of trouble free use.

“Unique Lighting Systems has distinguished itself as ‘the innovators’ of outdoor low voltage landscape lighting. We are revolutionizing the low voltage lighting industry and as proof of this commitment Unique has developed the first and only lifetime guaranteed lighting system that allows you to properly install a well-designed lighting system. — Unique Lighting Systems, Inc.

“Kichler Design Pro LED lights are cost effective and long lasting. They have wonderful, unique designs and with using 80% less energy, they can not be beat.” — Kichler