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Enjoy the Upcoming Summer Nights in the Backyard with the help of Richmond’s Top rated High-End Outdoor Lighting Service!

Space Enjoyment

Fourth of July is almost here and it’s time for a renewal and enjoying ones home life with friends and family. Our outside world is sometimes neglected or not thought of as a place for outside rooms. Try to imagine each island of trees and landscaping that would compliment a bench or some chairs. Imagine hanging out and having a glass of wine or tea in the evening with a dimly lit glow.

Combine your trees with mulch , perennials, flowers and professional landscape lighting designs and you will have these grand outside rooms!  Lighting takes the dark away and creates beauty never seen in your trees, shrubbery, and plantings.  Just imagine each limb and branch moving with the wind is now highlighted by outdoor lighting in your new outside rooms.

How much fun would it be to share with your children and grandchildren, during those summer nights with outdoor lighting? Professional landscape lighting designs can make your property come alive, night after night!


Our Methodology

Whether during the summer nights or year-round, each tree can be sized up for the proper light spread, color or heat of the bulb, and wattage.  Generally, taller trees and items of interest require 5 watts, 2700 warm bulbs with 38-degree light spread to properly illuminate your backyard.

Small trees and shrubbery that is lower and spread out require a bulb with a 60-degree spread.  This creates a wide warm feeling that will highlight each leaf, bloom, and light up any pathway.  Baylites Landscape Lighting Designs specializes in the design and placement of each lighting fixture for a professional look that will last trouble-free for years to come!


What We Recommend

We recommends solid brass lighting fixtures that have a 10 year to lifetime warranty and transformers with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  High-end LED bulb manufactures state their bulbs will last 42,000-48,000 hours or 21-25 years if used around 5 hours each night.  All equipment used should be high-end lighting components that last year after year, trouble free. Professional landscape lighting designs should have maintenance plans.

When adding these outside rooms through landscaping, mulch, plantings, lighting, always consider some sort of water features to bring all this together.  Imagine, your new outside rooms, with seating, landscape lighting, and the wonderful sound of running water.  What a grand setting for your family and year-long enjoyment!


About Baylites

Baylites Outdoor Lighting was founded in 2006 by Lewis Edgell and is licensed and insured.  We are the Angie’s List Super Service award winner for providing outstanding customer service for the last three years.  Additionally, we are Angie’s List highest rated professional lighting company in the Richmond surrounding area for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Lighting not only provides beauty, safety, and security but also adds value to your property.

Turn your home into a work of a art today!


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